CFSHRC Feminisms and Rhetorics 2017

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Feminisms and Rhetorics  2017
11th Biennial Conference

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Rhetorics | Rights | (R)evolutions

Welcome to the Feminisms and Rhetorics 2017 Conference Submission Page

Proposal submission begins December 6, 2016 and ends February 1, 2017.

Types of Proposals Sought:
We are accepting proposals for roughly 75-minute formats for the following:
  • Individual Paper (20-minute presentation)
  • Panel Session (3-4 papers followed by discussion/questions)
  • Collaborative/Interactive Sessions (presenters collaborate on a topic with session participants)
  • Workshops/Maker Sessions (directed, applied or “hands-on” work on an object/practice)
  • Roundtables (groups exchange works-in-progress prior and prepare questions for a session)
  • Multimodal/Digital Presentations (exhibits that employ modes beyond print/alphabetic/oral)
  • Seminar sessions (directed readings exchanged about a topic, exchanged prior to session and discuss with a seminar leader)
New this year!  Morning Meeting Sessions. We envision highly participatory sessions that allow for small-group work aimed at activist organizing and/or mentoring in the tradition of the FemRhets conference. Participants are invited to propose either of the following types of Meetings:
  • Organizing for Activism: 50-minute sessions devoted to envisioning, strategizing, and planning activism that bridges feminist academic work to activist work outside the academy. Sessions will take place the morning of Friday, October 6th.
  • Mentoring Feminist Scholars: 50-minute sessions focused on feminist issues in teaching, research, leadership, and academic activism. Sessions will take place the morning of Saturday, October 7th. 

Submitting Your Proposal

Please click on the "Submit" button to the corresponding presentation type to begin your submission. Please note that the first step for all submissions requires you to create a Submittable account; you will be given easy instructions on how to do so. This account will allow you to access and revise your submitted proposal up to the February 1, 2017 deadline date.

On the forms, all items marked with a red asterisk are required fields. Please pay attention to the word limits in the guidelines. 

Note on Multiple Submissions
: Individuals may submit more than one proposal provided that they propose in at least 2 different types of sessions (i.e., panel presentation and digital exhibit, or maker session and seminar). Serving as chair of a panel does not count as a speaking role, and therefore does not preclude individuals from participating in other sessions.

All Proposal Submissions require: 
  • Contact info (name, email address, and institutional affiliation - if any) for each submission.
  • A 50-word description of the session to be included in the program upon acceptance.
  • A session description that adheres to the word count for the presentation type.
We look forward to your proposal.